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Inhibitors of Serine Proteinases from Blood Coagulation Cascade - View on Current Developments

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 8 ]


D. Danalev   Pages 721 - 730 ( 10 )


The importance of Factor Xa and thrombin in thrombosis and haemostasis is widely appreciated in the last years. This understanding logically leads to the concept of Factor Xa and thrombin inhibition as viable and attractive target for the antithrombotic therapy. The following review collects and summarizes information on numerous anticoagulant peptides, proteins, chemical compounds and low molecular weight fragment analogues of natural peptides isolated from hematophagous. Unfortunately, not much data from clinical trials of direct Factor Xa and thrombin inhibitors is available in the present moment. The current information reveals that Factor Xa and thrombin inhibition is a promising approach for prevention and treatment of hemostatic impairments. The synthesis of a low molecular weight synthetic peptide mimetics could be a key point in the fight against many diseases related to haemostatic disorders.


Anticoagulant peptides, haemostasis, Factor Xa, thrombin, peptide inhibitors of serine proteinases, blood coagulation cascade.


University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Biotechnology Department, Sofia 1756, Bulgaria.

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