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Towards A Multimodal Treatment of Depression: A Minireview on the Potential Role of Antibiotics

[ Vol. 11 , Issue. 11 ]


B. Yulug and W.-R. Schabitz   Pages 984 - 987 ( 4 )


In regard of increasing rates of post-stroke mood disorders and evidences of a neuroprotective effect of antbiotics after cerebral ischemia we have reviewed the clinical relevance of the neuroprotective and mood stabilizing effects of antibiotics in the light of the basic pathophsiology of depression.


Cerebral ischemia, post-stroke mood disorders, neuroprotection, antibiotics, pathophsiology, depression, antidepressant effects, minocycline, mTOR


Neuron-Neuropsychiatry Center, Izmir-Turkey.

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