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Stem Cell-Mediated Delivery of Therapies in the Treatment of Glioma

[ Vol. 11 , Issue. 7 ]


G. Frosina   Pages 591 - 598 ( 8 )


High grade gliomas can be seldom controlled, due to the infiltrative nature of these tumors and the presence of cell populations resistant to radio- and chemotherapy. Current research aims to develop novel therapeutic approaches to track and eliminate the disseminated glioma-driving cells. Selected delivery of therapeutic agents taking advantage of the tropism of normal stem cells for glioma cells might be one.


Glioma, stem, gene therapy, cancer, resistance, High grade, ADSC, bone morphogenetic protein, cytosine deaminase, cyclophosphamide, connexin 43, EGF, ganciclovir, mesenchymal stem cell


Istituto Nazionale Ricerca Cancro, Molecular Mutagenesis&DNA Repair Unit, Genova, Italy.

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