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Spirobisnaphthalenes from Fungi and their Biological Activities

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 10 ]


L. Zhou, J. Zhao, T. Shan, X. Cai and Y. Peng   Pages 977 - 989 ( 13 )


Spirobisnaphthalenes have a unique structural feature involving two or three oxygen atoms acting as bridges connecting two original naphthalene subunits. Most of these metabolites isolated from fungi exhibit significant antifungal, antibacterial and cytotoxic properties to show great potential applications in medicine and agriculture. This review focuses on their structural characters and biological activities, as well as their structure-activity relationship, mechanism of action, synthesis and biosynthesis.


Spirobisnaphthalenes, spiroxin, preussomerin, deoxypreussomerin, fungi, biological activities


Department of Plant Pathology, College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100193, China.

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