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Human PON Promoters: From Similarity to Prediction of Polymorphic Positions within Transcription Factor Elements

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 10 ]


M. Najafi and Z. Jangravi   Pages 938 - 945 ( 8 )


The human paraoxonases (PON) are a group of anti-oxidative enzymes that catalyze important reactions in body. Some polymorphic variations within the PON genes have been reported to relate with several diseases. In this article, the polymorphisms of the PON upstream regions were evaluated to predict their positions within elements of transcription factors by similarity tools. However, taxonomy studies suggested the PON2 duplication on the chromosome 7 but pairwise alignments did not show vast similarity among the fragments of PON promoters. Multiple sequence alignment (MSA) tool showed the PON1 T-107C and PON3 C-31T positions are conserved within several transcription elements. Based on these tools, the review assumes that the PON upstream regions have no similarity and only two polymorphisms are considered to interact with several transcription factors.


PON, similarity, polymorphism, element, promoter, transcription factor


Biochemistry Department and Cellular&Molecular Research Center, Tehran, Iran.

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