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Anesthesia and Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction (POCD)

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 14 ]


Bettina Jungwirth, Walter Zieglgansberger, Eberhard Kochs and Gerhard Rammes   Pages 1568 - 1579 ( 12 )


POCD describes a decline in cognitive function after surgery with a predominance in the elderly patient. Although there is general agreement that POCD is likely to be multifactorial, it remains unclear whether its occurrence is a result of the effects of surgery or general anesthesia. This review provides a synopsis of the available clinical and preclinical data and summarizes recent research relevant to the occurrence of POCD and possible pharmacologic algorithms for its prevention and treatment.

, Anesthesia, and, Postoperative, Cognitive, Dysfunction, (POCD)


Department of Anesthesiology,Technische Universitat Munchen, Klinikum Rechts Der Isar, Munich,Germany.

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