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Autoimmunity and Celiac Disease

[ Vol. 8 , Issue. 2 ]


Antonio La Cava, Carmen Gianfrani and Riccardo Troncone   Pages 129 - 134 ( 6 )


In celiac disease (CD), abnormal immune-mediated responses follow ingestion of gluten. Although the triggering agent is a dietary protein, the disease has autoimmune components because of the presence of autoantibodies and its association with autoimmune conditions. We review the most recent studies on CD pathogenesis and the possibilities to modulate immune dysfunction in CD.


epidermal growth factor, glutenins, anti-endomysium antibodies, tissue transglutaminase type II, prolyl endopeptidases


Department of Medicine,University of California Los Angeles, 1000 Veteran Avenue 32-59 Los Angeles, California 90095-1670, USA.

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