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Vitronectin Receptor -αVβ3 Integrin- Antagonists: Chemical and Structural Requirements for Activity and Selectivity

[ Vol. 2 , Issue. 6 ]


Christophe Henry, Nicolas Moitessier and Yves Chapleur   Pages 531 - 542 ( 12 )


αVβ3 integrin, a cell surface protein, has been targeted by a variety of natural and synthetic antagonists in the search for potential cancer and osteoporosis drug candidates. This review discusses chemical and structural requirements for activity and selectivity deduced from SAR studies and draws a tentative picture of the pharmacophore.


vitronectin receptor, activity and selectivity, cell surface protein, antagonists, heterodimeric non-covalent proteins, tumour metastasis, thrombotic disorder treatment, snake venom proteins, pseudo-peptides, pseudo-peptidic antagonists


Groupe SUCRES, Unite Mixte 7565 CNRS, Universite Henri Poincare-Nancy 1, BP 239, F-54506Nancy-Vandoeuvre, France

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