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Recent Advances in the Development of Agonists Selective for β1-Type Thyroid Hormone Receptor

[ Vol. 7 , Issue. 1 ]


J. Malm, G. J. Grover and M. Farnegardh   Pages 79 - 86 ( 8 )


This mini-review will provide an overview on the recent design principles and structure-activity-relationship of β-selective thyroid hormone receptor (TR) agonists. The prospects for the treatment of metabolic diseases as dyslipidemia with TRβ-selective ligands are considerable enough so as to avoid cardiovascular acceleration mediated through TRα.


Nuclear hormone receptors, thyroid hormones receptors, thyroid hormones agonists, X-ray, metabolic rate, cholesterol, heart rate, structure-activity-relationship (SAR), beta-selective


Karo Bio AB, Novum, S-141 57, Sweden.

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