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Genome-Wide Core Proteome Analysis of Brucella melitensis Strains for Potential Drug Target Prediction


Noor Rahman, Mohibullah Shah, Ijaz Muhammad, Haroon Khan* and Muhammad Imran   Pages 1 - 10 ( 10 )


Brucella melitensis is a facultative intracellular bacterial pathogen that causes abortion in goats and sheep and Malta fever in humans. Human chronic infection is successfully established through contact with infected animals or their dirty product. Subtractive genomic approach is considered as a powerful and useful method for the identification of potential drug and vaccine targets. In this study an attempt has been made through subtractive proteomic strategy to identify novel drug targets in Brucella melitensis strains. There were 2604 core proteins of 56 strains of B. melitensis, of which 545 nonhuman homologs were found to be essential for pathogen growth. Metabolic pathway analysis of these essential proteins revealed that 129 proteins are exclusively involved in 21 unique metabolic pathways in B. melitensis reference strain. Of these, 31 proteins were found to be involved in 10 metabolic pathways which are unique to the pathogen. We selected Nitrate reductase subunit-β, Urease subunit α-2, Pantoate-β-alanine ligase, Isochorismatase, 2-dehydro-3- deoxyphosphooctonate aldolase and Serine O-acetyltransferase as a drug targets in Brucella melitensis strains. Among these druggable targets, we selected only Pantoate-β-alanine ligase as high confidence target based on intensive literature curation, which is non homologous to human gut metagenome involved in Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites pathway. Pantothenate synthetase, it the best chemotherapeutic target to combat Brucellulosis. Further in vitro and in vivo validation is needed for the evaluation of lead compound against Brucella melitensis strains.


Brucellosis, Subtractive proteomic, Metabolic Pathways, KEGG, DEG.


Department of Biochemistry, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Mardan-23200, Department of Biochemistry, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan-66000, Department of Zoology, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Mardan-23200, KP, Department of Pharmacy, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Mardan-23200, University Institute of Diet and Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, The University of Lahore, Lahore 54000

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