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Erratum to Phytochemicals for the management of melanoma

[ Vol. 17 , Issue. 15 ]


  Pages 1500 - 1500 ( 1 )



Pal, H.C.; Hunt, K.M.; Diamond, A.; Elmets, C.A.; Afaq, F. Phytochemicals for the management of melanoma. Mini Rev Med Chem,2016. 16(12): p. 953-79.

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PUBLISHED AS “The most common sites for occurrence of acryl lentiginous melanoma are the soles of the feet, palms and beneath the nail plates [34, 35]. Acryl lentiginous melanomas appear clinically as tan to brown black, macules and patches with irregular borders and an average size of 3 centimeters [36]

Erratum, to, Phytochemicals, for, the, management, of, melanoma

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