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An Overview on Small Molecule Inhibitors of BRD4

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 17 ]


Wenhai Huang, Xiaoliang Zheng, Yewei Yang, Xiaoju Wang and Zhengrong Shen   Pages 1403 - 1414 ( 12 )


BRD4, an epigenetic regulator that recognizes and binds the acetylated lysine residues in histone, has been reported as a potential therapeutic target for cancers. Since the first BRD4 inhibitor JQ1 developed in 2010, numerous BRD4 inhibitors have been discovered in past five years. In this review, we have systematically summarized a series of BRD4 binding compounds, which are divided into five categories based on the similarity of their chemical structures and respectively referred as JQ1 derivatives, tetrahydroquinoline derivatives, 3,5- dimethylisoxazole derivatives, 2-thiazolidinone derivatives and others. The binding affinities for each class of compounds are also discussed.


BRD4 inhibitor, bromodomain, JQ1, target therapy.


Institute of Materia Medica, Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences, Hangzhou, China.

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