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Phenolics and Terpenoids; the Promising New Search for Anthelmintics: A Critical Review

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 17 ]


Niladri Mukherjee, Suprabhat Mukherjee, Prasanta Saini, Priya Roy and Santi P. Sinha Babu   Pages 1415 - 1441 ( 27 )


Ailments caused by helminth parasites are global causing different types of clinical complications with permanent and long term morbidity in humans. Although huge advances have been made in medical sciences the effectiveness of available anthelmintics are still quite limited. Starting from the 50’s, most importance was given to synthetic compounds for developing remedies from them, however, the traditional knowledge of medicine of different countries continued to provide us clues against this widespread health problem. Natural products or structural analogs with diverse structures are always been the major sources for discovering new therapeutics and in recent past different active compounds have also been identified form these plant sources having anthelmintic properties. Although compounds of diverse chemical nature and classes were identified, most active ones belong to either phenol or terpene in broad chemical nature. The mechanism of action of these phytotherapeutics is usually multi-targeted and can act against the helminth parasites through diverse spectrum of activities. In this review we summarized the effective anthelmintics belong to either phenolics or terpenoids and highlighted the major way of their effectiveness. This also highlights the recent development of new therapeutic strategies against helminth parasites in the light of recent advances of knowledge. In addition, developing efficient strategies to promote apoptosis and disturbing redox status in them by natural products can provide us a clue in antifilarial drug developmental research and crucial unmet medical need.


Drug development, Helminth parasites, Natural products, Phenolics, Terpenoids.


Parasitology Laboratory, Department of Zoology, Centre for Advanced Studies, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan- 731 235, West Bengal, India.

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