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A System Review of Anti-fibrogenesis Effects of Compounds Derived from Chinese Herbal Medicine

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 2 ]


Yanling Zhao, Xiao Ma, Jiabo Wang, Xuan He, Yaming Zhang, Ye Wang, Honghong Liu, Honghui Shen and Xiaohe Xiao   Pages 163 - 175 ( 13 )


Chinese herbal medicine (CHM), an alternative and complementary medicine, has been applied in various diseases. Recently, a number of anti-liver fibrogenesis compounds exhibiting antiliver fibrosis effects have been discovered in CHM. In this review, we reviewed the published data on their anti-fibrosis effects and discussed the possible underlying mechanisms. More investigations are needed to improve the insight into therapeutic effect of CHM on liver fibrosis.


Chinese herbal medicine, Extracellular matrix, Hepatic stellate cell, Liver fibrosis.


China Military Institute of Chinese Medicine, 302 Military Hospital of China, Beijing, 100039, China.

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