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Targeting microRNAs in Pathological Hypertrophy and Cardiac Failure

[ Vol. 15 , Issue. 6 ]


Dongchao Lv, Jingqi Liu, Cuimei Zhao, Qi Sun, Qiulian Zhou, Jiahong Xu and Junjie Xiao   Pages 475 - 478 ( 4 )


MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a novel class of endogenous, short, non-coding, posttranscriptional RNAs, which play important roles in regulating lots of important biological functions. Evidences show that altered expression of miRNAs are involved in pathological hypertrophy and cardiac failure, making it possible to target miRNAs as a novel therapy. In this review, we focus on very recent progresses in the regulation of miRNAs in pathological hypertrophy and cardiac failure. In addition, we also discuss the potential of using miRNAs as a new therapy for pathological hypertrophy and cardiac failure.


Cardiac failure, microRNA, pathological hypertrophy, therapy.


Regeneration and Ageing Lab, Experimental Center of Life Sciences and Innovative Drug Research Center, School of Life Science, Shanghai University, 333 Nan Chen Road, Shanghai 200444, China.

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