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A Mini Review on Biological Activities of Pyridazinone Derivatives as Antiulcer, Antisecretory, antihistamine and Particularly Against Histamine H3R

[ Vol. 14 , Issue. 13 ]


Mohammad Asif   Pages 1093 - 1103 ( 11 )


Pyridazinone derivatives and their related analoges were introduced for gastric antiulcer and antisecretory activities. Selected compounds were applied to ulcer models and showed their antiulcer and anti secretary activities. Some pyridazinone compounds are recently reported as H3R antagonists. Some amine analogs of pyridazinones, pyridazinone– phenethylamines and 4,5-fused pyridazinones showed histamine H3R antagonist activity with significant affinity for rat and human H3R. These pyridazinone analogs also showed excellent selectivity and metabolic stability, with adequate pharmacokinetics.


Antiulcer, antagonist, antisecretory, histamine, H3 receptor, pyridazinones.


Department of Pharmacy, GRD (P.G) IMT, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.

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