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Drug Targeting Systems for Cancer Therapy: Nanotechnological Approach

[ Vol. 14 , Issue. 13 ]


R. Seda Tigli Aydin   Pages 1048 - 1054 ( 7 )


Progress in cancer treatment remains challenging because of the great nature of tumor cells to be drug resistant. However, advances in the field of nanotechnology have enabled the delivery of drugs for cancer treatment by passively and actively targeting to tumor cells with nanoparticles. Dramatic improvements in nanotherapeutics, as applied to cancer, have rapidly accelerated clinical investigations. In this review, drug-targeting systems using nanotechnology and approved and clinically investigated nanoparticles for cancer therapy are discussed. In addition, the rationale for a nanotechnological approach to cancer therapy is emphasized because of its promising advances in the treatment of cancer patients.


Cancer, drug delivery, drug, nanoparticles, nanotechnology, polimeric, targeting, therapeutics.


Bulent Ecevit University, Department of Biomedical Engineering, 67100, Incivez, Zonguldak, Turkey.

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