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Transition Metal-Catalyzed Efficient and Green Transformations of P(O)-H Compounds to Functional Organophosphorus Compounds

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 6 ]


Qing Xu, Yong-Bo Zhou, Chang-Qiu Zhao, Shuang-Feng Yin and Li-Biao Han   Pages 824 - 835 ( 12 )


Organophosphorus compounds are of high importance in organic synthesis, catalysis, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, and material science. In this mini review, we summarize our recent studies on transition metal-catalyzed green and atom efficient transformations of P(O)-H bonds to various versatile organophosphorus compounds, including the highly regio- and stereoselective P(O)-H additions to carbon-carbon unsaturated compounds, asymmetric hydrophosphorylation reactions, and dehydrogenative coupling reactions of P(O)-H compounds with carbon-H and heteroatom-H compounds. These new reactions provide efficient, general and practical ways for the preparation of a variety of well-defined functional organophosphorus compounds. Mechanistic aspects related to the catalytic processes are also discussed.


Transition metal catalyst, P(O)-H compound, carbon-carbon unsaturated compound, regio- and stereoselective addition, carbon-H and heteroatom-H compounds, dehydrogenative coupling reactions, well-defined functional organophosphorus compound


College of Chemistry and Materials Engineering, Wenzhou University, Wenzhou, Zhejiang 325035, China.

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